Fusion Groups are small home groups that meet in homes of HGWC members.  They are a great way to meet people and grow together in God’s love on a smaller scale. Meeting Bi-weekly.

Sign up at the Connect Table in the foyer.


Fusion Groups for Winter 2017:

“Understanding the New Jerusalem”
Mike & Ruth Lightfoot - Monday, Jan 23rd
Nampa @ 6:30 pm

“The Prodigal God” book by Timothy Keller
Bill & Tammy Mahn - Friday, Jan. 13th
Meridian @ 7 pm

“Cracks in the Foundation” book by Steve Backlund
Martin & Bev Vance - Friday, Jan 13th
Nampa @ 7 pm

“Supernatural Ways of Royalty” book by Bill Johnson &
Kris Vallotton

Sean & Lucinda Langhurst - Fri, Jan 27th
Nampa @ 7pm

“Marriage Milestones"

Discover how to build your marriage according to God's purposes and Principles.
Led by Lonnie & Bonnie Carrow - Fri, March 10th
 @ 7pm